Author Guidelines

Third: Technical specifications for printing the search:
  The page margins measurements are as follows:
1.the upper (3) cm / the bottom (3) cm, the right (2.5) cm / left (2.5) cm.
2. Use the Setup tool when printing.
3. Graphics and shapes are fully printed.
4. Types and shapes of lines are as follows: Arabic font of the type (Simplified Arabic) and size (14) ordinary search board, and the titles size (16 - Bold - B).
5 - the font of the foreign type (Times New Roman) size (12-B -agg).
6. The Arabic and foreign abstracts shall be printed in one page, taking into consideration the numbering of the search pages.
7. The table title is printed at the top of the table and its source is shown below.
8. The printing of the sources electronically at the end of the research and the size of line 14.
9. The printing of Koranic verses according to the Holy Qur'an program Medina.
10. The list of sources should contain at least three sources of research from the virtual scientific library of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
11 - The number of search pages does not exceed (20) pages, and if the search exceeds the limit of the number of pages above, the cost is calculated for each page increase.