Changing circumstances and their impact on judicial rulings

  • Lect. Manaf Salim Hassoun College of Law, Sumer University, Dhi Qar,


Changing circumstances is one of the most important bases that allow reviewing judicial rulings. Changing circumstances is the main motive for reviewing these rulings after their issuance, and their exhaustion of legal means of appeal. From the judiciary until these provisions are settled in order to achieve a balance between them and the new circumstances so that changing the circumstances will have a clear impact on legal life. Including the improvement of the debtor's financial position with alimony after the ruling on it, or the deterioration of that position. As well as the return of the missing after a court ruling was issued for the death of this missing person and the distribution of all his money to his heirs. There are other examples. In the previous examples, there is a change in the circumstances of the judicial ruling, and this change can be described as a fundamental change As a result, the situation is different from what it was before when the judgment was issued, which requires the intervention of the judiciary at the request of the stakeholders to restore the balance that existed when the judicial judgment was issued.

Feb 14, 2023
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