Legal provisions for concluding contracts through public auctions

  • Dr. Mahmoud Khalil Khudair College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad


Public bids are subject to a number of principles, which collectively represent a guarantee of the integrity of their procedures, preventing tampering with their results, leading to contracting with the bidder who have the best terms and the highest price through open procedure and ensuring the principles of quality, equal opportunities and freedom of competition, announcing is the basic and essential procedure for public bidding, as it ensures the achievement of the principle of freedom of competition and the principle of equality that must be met in its procedure, and when the bid declared individuals express their desire to buy or rent the money by submitting their bids according to the required conditions and the administration choose the highest price of the bidders.

It is known that if the state wants to sell or rent its property, it resorts to biddings, and despite the difference between them in specific issues, which is that tender is a means of contacting for those who submit to the administration with the highest bid, both of which aim to achieve financial amounts for the public treasury.



Feb 13, 2023
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