Authentic use of modern technology in judicial notices

- A comparative study -

  • Lect. Tara Saeed Al Dabbagh College of Law, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq


Judicial reporting procedure is the cornerstone of the litigation of Judicial process and the point of initiation of the rest of the procedures, which are absolutely indispensable, and it comes at the forefront of the priorities in the field of litigation, although this procedure is considered by some to be a normal procedure, like the rest of the procedures, but the matter is contrary That, whoever follows the laws of pleadings of various legislations, arrives to the fact that the rest of the pleading procedures are indispensable for this effective procedure, which takes on the task of informing the opponents of all measures taken in order to give them the full opportunity to defend themselves and return the allegations against them, and this without Doubt has an effective effect in achieving a fair balance of the rights of the parties to the conflict, and given the intertwined technological development in various fields, it is a first door to include the field of judicial notifications as well, because reliance on traditional means and methods has become unable to meet the requirements of judicial notifications in a timely manner, which may delay Resolving the lawsuit and then delaying the acquisition of rights. Therefore, legislation - including Iraqi legislation - has to take this into consideration and work to keep pace with recent developments that have had a clear impact. H in resolving many cases in record time, not to mention their role in minimizing expenses and procedures required by the notification process, in a manner consistent with the aspirations sought in achieving fair and prompt justice

Feb 13, 2023
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