Rules of the Objective Specialty in the Informatory Crimes

  • Dr. Usama Ahmad Mohammed Al-Noaime College of Rights, University of Mosul, Nineveh, Iraq


Due to the proliferation of crimes committed through the information network in recent times, due to the development in the use of information technology, and the privacy of these crimes and their renewable and changing nature, law enforcement officers are facing many difficulties, whether at the level of detecting crime and arresting the perpetrators or At the level of determining the rules of criminal jurisdiction - substantive and procedural - that are applied in their regard, as they are advanced crimes with the development of the use of information technologies and cross borders, so it was worthwhile for us to search in the rules of substantive jurisdiction within the scope of these crimes, and to determine whether it is possible to apply the principle of territoriality and the rules complementing it. Which is the specific rule of criminal law, the rule of the personality of criminal law, and the universal rule of criminal law or not, or do we need to search for new rules that are appropriate to the nature of these crimes and take into account their specificity through which this type of crime can be addressed, and then not allow criminals to benefit from Problems raised by the issue of defining the criminal jurisdiction for impunity.

Feb 12, 2023
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