The predominance of the legislative power over the Executive power

  • Dr. Mohammad Salman Mahmoud College of Law, Maysan University, seconded to Tigris University College


The peaceful use of nuclear energy has become one of the necessities of the times, so we find that many developed countries in all fields have tended to use peaceful nuclear energy in all aspects, including agricultural, medical, electric power generation and other fields that benefit society, but the danger of this weapon It lies in the mass destruction it leaves behind, not only on man, but also on nature in general, and this is what has been shown by the historical incidents of nuclear tests over decades of time, which have claimed many lives, and led to the destruction of the environment, and all surrounding and close things, and with this, The destruction of the environment means the destruction of man. The relentless international efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and their deadly experiments have resulted in several agreements. Then the legal regulation of the nuclear test ban.

Feb 12, 2023
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