Evidence by testimony in criminal matters

  • Dr. Saad Abdullah Mahmoud Al-Ahbabi Salah al-Din Criminal Court


Testimony in criminal matters is important in criminal proof because it is one of the moral pieces of evidence on which the determination of the fate of the accused may depend in most cases. The oral trial, is one of the basic guarantees of a fair criminal trial. Testimony is one of the most widely used means of proof in criminal matters, and listening to witness statements is one of the most important preliminary investigation procedures through which the circumstances of the crime are inferred and to gain time to reach the identity of the perpetrators. The principle in testimony is that it be direct, through which the witness clarifies what occurred directly under his hearing, sight, or one of his other senses, but the criminal project did not neglect indirect testimony, especially as giving it reinforces the evidence of other evidence. As for the testimony by listening, it is considered the weakest type of Testimonies because they do not focus on the incident to be proven in particular, in addition to the fact that their source is unknown and their authenticity cannot be verified because they are not attributed to a specific person.

Nov 10, 2022
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