Violent crimes in the light of the Corona pandemic

  • Assist. Lect. Zeina Mohammed Saadoun Tikrit University


Crime is a relative phenomenon whose concept differs from one society to another, and from one place to another within the same community, as each society has its own moral and social standards, values, customs and traditions, and its economic, political and educational conditions that define those standards and values, and criminal behavior is broader than the limited acts that are punished By law As it is interspersed with many violations and deviant behaviors that society sheds the curtain on and neglects their criminalization of the law under the pretext of social norm and inherited customs, and in light of crises such as the Corona pandemic, society's bubbles must float to the surface, and then the need to reconsider the penal system with what is received and what has emerged in social behaviors They are deviant, to increase their incidence, and we have tried in this research to refer to it and limit it to the scope of violent crimes that occur between first-degree relatives and that are committed against women in particular.


Nov 8, 2022
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