Criminal response to corruption crimes in the health sector

- An analytical study -

  • Dr. Kshao Maruf Seedah University of Kirkuk


Corruption in the health sector is a serious crime because it undermines the ability of the people in a way that affects the right to health and its seriousness in violating human rights. The seriousness of this phenomenon is shown by the evidence that has been monitored showing the reality of the situation in health centres and hospitals across the country despite the massive volume of the funds allocated in the annual country budget, and among this evidence are annual reports issued by the integrity commission, and despite the texts dealing with acts that constitute corruption crimes in general, whether it is in the Iraqi penal code no 111 of 1969 amended and the integrity commission law no (30) for the year 2011, as amended by law no. (30) for the year 2019, but these crimes continue to increase.





Nov 8, 2022
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