The use of drones in light of the rules of international humanitarian law

  • Dr. Hala ahmad mohammed University of Mosul


At the present time, the electronic character is dominant in the fields of scientific and practical life, even in wars, and there is little use of the human character. Through electronic control programs, these weapons are used in international or non-international armed conflicts, and their role in counter-terrorism operations is increased due to their ability to cross multiple areas and more dangerous areas, contribute to monitoring operations, and carry a variety of different weapons. International human rights law and the different, intertwined and multiple rules that are derived from it have made states’ positions multiplicity and conflicting with regard to this type of controversial weapon. Their positions and the consequent international responsibility that entails different rights and obligations, and another opposes the use of U.S. aircraft It considers it a lethal weapon that does not fit with the international legal rules in force in protecting civilians and transgresses the principle of humanitarian necessity and proportionality in its operations.



Nov 2, 2022
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