Legal Notes on Global Compact for Migration of 2018

  • Dr. Bryar Sherko Baban Salahaddin University
  • Dr. Imad Fattah Ismael Salahaddin University


Managing population movements and international migration are one of the most important challenges of the twenty-first century. According to the circumstances, National and international laws have been tried since ancient times to regulate, limit and encourage migration. As one of the latest and most important international attempts to regulate migration is the signing in Marrakesh on (10-11) December 2018 of the (Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration), and this agreement became annexed to the United Nations General Assembly resolution issued on December 19 / December 2018. Through the Global Compact for Migration, the international community seeks to establish a general framework for the regulation and management of migration. The Global Compact deals with many diverse topics, but this research focuses on precise legal issues including the legal system of the Global Compact, its nature and its legal implications.

Nov 2, 2022
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