Expropriation decisions for public benefit within the framework of e-government

  • Dr. Alea Gazi musa Tikrit University
  • Dr. Issa Turke Khalaf Iraqi University


It has increased in recent decades and the duties of the public

the administration has multiplied not only in Iraq but also in all the countries of the modern world. This expansion in tasks and duties is accompanied by an expansion in the field of management intervention in the fields of life. This is a result of electronic development. The administration may obtain the money to carry out its activities and achieve its objectives of public interest whether movable or real estate. The administration may resort to the methods of public law in obtaining public funds as a public authority. D by the means prescribed by law is the acquisition law through methods of acquisition, consensual, judicial and administrative al.

The transformation of the e-government system distinguishes the individual dealers with the administration side in the expropriation transactions from the corruption and red tape issues and the obstruction in the procedures as the administration here deals with input data that are answered automatically. This means that the completion of acquisition transactions electronically will lead to dispensing paper documents, Employees from a paper society to a digital community

On the other hand, many questions come to mind: Is it possible to apply the electronic government system to the decisions of expropriation for public benefit, since the nature of these decisions are administrative decisions, and can the elements of the administrative decision be withdrawn from the administrative decision In this paper, we will attempt to explain the concept of e-government, the second requirement for the declaration of expropriation procedures, and the third requirement. The legal effects of the expropriation decision in the framework of the research system It is God's success

Nov 2, 2022
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