The constitutional and international basis of the right to social security


  • Assist. Lect. Abed Hamad Abed Suleiman . College of Law, University of Tikrit, Salahaddin


constitution. - Basis. - a guarantee. - rights. - social.


Abstract: There is no doubt that guarantees of human rights and freedoms are among the important issues, so it is not surprising to find that international covenants and conventions stipulate them, as well as national legislation, and among those rights are those related to social security, as most of the constitutions of the countries of the world stipulate the existence of social insurance. Social rights for individuals, which results in limiting the means of decent living, as human dignity is one of the most important of these rights, and thus it has become the constitutional and international basis, representing a starting point for the legislator and governments to stipulate these guarantees, work to protect them, and not infringe upon them.


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