Automated management decision


  • Assist. Lect. Abbas Ghaidan Zidane . Ministry of Interior, Police College


Decision. - administrative. - automation. - government. - the Internet.


Abstract:  This study dealt with the mechanism of issuing automated administrative decisions and the reduction of complex traditional procedures that lead to a waste of effort, time and money. It has become a duty for public and private institutions and organizations to search for the latest technical developments and innovations and obtain the most important electronic applications that enable them to perform their duties, improve their efficiency and develop their activities in terms of providing the best and fastest services at the lowest costs, as management information systems, including "automation", have become A major means of issuing automated administrative decisions that contribute to the transfer of orders, instructions and directives between managers and workers, and the completion of the tasks assigned to them on the one hand, and between institutions and customers and satisfying their growing needs.


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Fourth - the laws

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Fifth - websites





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