Monitoring the constitutionality of laws in the Iraqi and Bahraini legal systems


  • Assist. Lect. Zamil Maher Khabbaz . College of Education for Human Sciences, Tikrit University


- Constitutional oversight. - the Federal Court. - the supremacy of the constitution. - repeal oversight. - abstention oversight.


Oversight over the constitutionality of laws is considered one of the best means to guarantee respect for the constitution and the principle of its supremacy over other legal rules. Oversight means that all legislation and laws issued by the legislative authority are subject to oversight by an independent body that examines the suitability of the law to the principles of constitutional rules. The essence of oversight is based on the concept of The constitution is the supreme law in the state and that the rules contained in it enjoy supremacy over everything else, and therefore it is imperative for all authorities, foremost among them the legislative authority, to respect this principle. A body of a judicial nature, and judicial oversight can be a pre-legislative oversight as well as a subsequent oversight, and this oversight is either by the original lawsuit method (cancellation oversight) or the unconstitutionality plea method (the abstention method) .                                              




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Third: Constitutions and laws

- The effective constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2005.

- The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the year 2002.

- The Iraqi State Administration Law for the Transitional Period of 2004.

- Law of the Federal Supreme Court No. 30 of 2005 amended by Law No. (25) of 2021.

- Decree-Law No. (27) of 2002 establishing the Bahraini Constitutional Court.

- Bylaws of the Federal Supreme Court No. (1) of 2022.



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