Legal methods in detecting cybercrime


  • Dr. Takleef Awad Abaid . Police College, Baghdad


- Legal methodsk . - Detection. - Cybercrime.


: Many countries have been concerned with the need to legislate a punitive law that combats cybercrime, because of the danger these crimes pose to society at all levels. In Iraq, there Is no special law to combat cybercrime.  Electronic crimes such as human trafficking as well as drugs, and these In and of themselves have special laws governing them, such as the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Law No. (50) of 2017, as well as the Electronic Signature and Electronic Transactions Law No. (78) of 2012, which included many articles related to electronic signature, electronic contracts and documents, as well as  Electronic commercial and financial contracts and electronic financial transfers, which are of high risk and damage to the Iraqi economy on the one hand, and on the other hand, there is difficulty In the procedures for investigating these crimes because of the ease of concealment, the speed of destruction of evidence, and the impossibility of examining all data on the Internet, and difficulties appear in how to collect  Evidence from inspection, inspection, experience, testimony and other procedures.


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Third: Laws and regulations

- Iraqi Code of Criminal Procedure No. 23 of 1971.

- Iraqi Electronic Signature Law No. 78 of 2012.

- Iraqi Funds Electronic Payment Services System No. 3 of 2014.



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