Dissolution of the work relationship with the resignation of the worker


  • Dr. Noor Saad Hassoon . College of Rights, Tikrit University, Salahaddin, Iraq


- Resignation. - The Worker . - Notice. - End of the employment relationship.


Abstract:    The Labour life is not eternal, so it must end with a group of cases included by the legislator in the Iraqi labour law in force, including resignation, in which the worker expresses his desire to end the labour association that brings him together with the employing body, and the worker’s right to resign from important and sensitive issues because they are linked. The weaker party in the relationship is the worker, and this is what requires the legislator to regulate this in detail and accurately this legal behaviour by preserving his right to exercise this right and not restricting the worker in work relations that he does not want to continue without neglecting the interest of the second party, which is the employer.


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