The philosophy of criminalizing attacks on religious values and symbols


  • M.D. Hassan Sadiq Abboud Al-Ajili . College of Law, Al-Nahrain University


- values. - symbols. - aggression. - criminalization philosophy. - interest.


Society carries within it many concepts that legislators, especially within the penal laws, have sought to protect, and among these concepts are religious values and symbols, as this concept (religious values and symbols) is one of the concepts that the legislator has surrounded with penal protection from assault, and the concept of religious values and symbols is embodied in the idea They are embraced by groups of people or an opinion, whether these ideas are a goal in themselves or merely an expression of behavior. The benefit of protecting these values and symbols is embodied in their being one of the pillars of social security in the state, which in reality represents the moral aspect of the general system of any society. The scope of criminal protection for religious values and symbols includes preventing violations that would affect the religious feeling of the final outcome. The scope of criminal protection culminates in preventing acts of infringement on religious values and symbols, as the reason for criminalization and the interest considered in this regard emerge in preserving the privacy of religious affiliation or feeling and maintaining stability. Community by protecting national security.


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