Solar Easements - A comparative study –


  • Dr. Fathi Ali Fathi Al-Abdali . College of Rights, University of Mosul, Nineveh
  • Dr. Nada Mahmoud Thanoun . College of Rights, University of Mosul, Nineveh


- Easements. - solar energy. - clean energy. - servant real estate. - serviced real estate.


The solar energy easement rights are among the new concepts, and solar energy is the promising future for the production of clean, high-quality energy, which contributes to the prosperity of the economy and is environmentally friendly. Obstructed by the height of the building or the shade of the surrounding trees and the right to establish power transmission lines, according to an agreement, unless the law stipulates otherwise, and solar energy easement rights arise by agreement in some countries, and the law may stipulate its establishment in other countries, and the judiciary may have its say in the establishment Solar energy easement rights in other countries.





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