Rights of the kidnapped employee


  • Dr. Iftikhar Rashid Khaleel . College of Islamic Sciences, Tikrit University, Salahuddin


- Rights. - kidnapped employee. - compensation.


Abstract: The crimes of employee kidnapping are crimes of danger that threaten humanity and affect the public interest of the state, in the past and in the present, due to the material and moral damage it causes, both for the kidnapped employee and his family or society or for its impact on the functional administrative activity of the state Since the employee is the backbone of the state’s activity, he performs the work of the public office and bears its obligations and burdens, it was necessary to legislate laws that guarantee his rights and the rights of his dependents in the event of a kidnapping, and in this regard, the Iraqi parliament approved Law No. (20) of 2009 amended regarding compensation for those affected by the operations war, military errors and terrorist operations, It is a law that included a series of important changes to address and organize compensation for the affected, and among the affected category are the kidnapped employee category.


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Eighth: the Internet

- .http://hachemcsp.weebly.com/uploads/1- 2/0/5/6/20561178-

https://www.ceasefire.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/102- /Compensation-Guide.pdf



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