The results of international efforts prior to the 2015 Paris Agreement to confront global warming


  • Dr. Khaled Akab Hassoun . College of Rights, Tikrit University, Salahaddin, Iraq
  • Prof. Lect. Mazen Ajaj Fahd . College of Rights, Tikrit University, Salahaddin, Iraq


- Kyoto Protocol. - Global Warming. - Paris Agreement.


:  Global warming is an international issue that deserves the attention of governments, international organizations, the media, research centers and specialists because of its serious and devastating effects on societies And given the multiplicity of its environmental dimensions at the global level, especially in poor countries, which necessitates the development of an effective legal system to confront and address it at the international and regional levels, and the tendency to conclude many international agreements to reduce this phenomenon or reduce its risks and effects in order to preserve humanity and live in a healthy environment, These agreements witnessed remarkable developments that cast a shadow over the rules and provisions of international environmental law and had their results, since the Rio Agreement of 1992, through the Kyoto Agreement of 1997, and until the recent Paris Agreement of 2015.



First: books

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Second: Letters and treatises

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Third - Research and Journals

- Environment and Development Magazine, December 2013 issue.

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Fourth: International documents:

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- Paris Agreement of 2015.

- Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969.

Fifth: Reports:

- Report of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Additional Obligations of Parties Included in Annex B under the Kyoto Protocol held in December 2012, in Doha (fcc/kp/cmp/2012Lg).

-The Land Negotiations Bulletin report is available at: www.iisd.call12/enb12663a,html



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